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So we'd agreed to have him stay with us, and so that he wouldn't be too bored we'd let him invite his friend Jake. You sure you two aren't..." Chris had spent enough time around me to get my insinuation. Okay," I mused, thinking how I might still have a little fun. Her own arms were wrapped around his shoulders, her hands rubbing his upper back while they kissed. This shifting had forced my wife to slide further down into the couch so that he hovered over her.

Although he was 18, his mother was the extremely over-protective type and wasn't comfortable leaving him home alone. It's just that most of the girls we go out with are kinda uptight, so we only get a good-night kiss." "Oh. Tiffany didn't seem to notice; the contact was so minimal. Jake had shifted, providing his growing cock more room. Her other roamed across his back, her nails scratching at his t-shirt.

Then, when he leaned in, she helped him get positioned so that neither of them were uncomfortable. As he did it was plain to me that he was having to adjust himself in his pants. He either had more experience than Chris, or he'd paid close attention to Tiffany's instructions. "Time." Chris begrudgingly pulled himself away from my wife.

"I'm talking about a locked-lips-make-out-session right here on the couch." Tiffany's eyes became thin slits radiating irritation at me. She patiently waited, even giving him a reassuring smile as he stumbled through the opening process. When I did remember, they were three minutes past the allotted five minutes.

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***** I held my breath, waiting to see what my wife would say . "Fine, smarty-pants," Tiffany scoffed, grinning mischievously.

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After a couple minutes Chris shifted in his seat and I knew from personal experience he was trying to accommodate his growing cock. Off to the side Chris was watching them intently and I wondered in what order him and Jake would disappear into the bathroom later to jerkoff. I figured this was mostly due to his hand's extremely slow progress.

"You wanna show these young men what a real woman is like? Yet, for all his enthusiasm and the courage he'd shown to this point, it was obvious he was nervous as hell. Looking at the boys I knew they'd be up for it with no more encouragement then the sound of a starting pistol.

"I think you'll chicken out." She glared at me for another minute before her expression slowly softened and she turned to the boys. "I'll be the time keeper." Chris scrambled onto the couch next to Tiffany. Desperately I sought for an idea of how I could get it to happen.

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