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Life is no bollywood movie, so don't be surprised if she cancels on you at the last minute because something came up at home.While she is sleeping with you, do not live under illusions that she is not getting intimate with her husband.The upside of such a relationship is that you are with an experienced, matured and (most of the times) financially independent woman; the downside however can be depressing and emotionally draining.Read up to know about the Downside of Dating a Married Woman.

What duties or obligations does the single adulterer have in this situation?

In particular, many of the moral problems for the married adulterer are based on the commitment itself—the promise of fidelity that married persons make to each other, and the duties to his or her spouse that the married person assumed.

But, of course, the "other woman" or "other man" made no such commitment or promise, so this ethical aspect of the problem would not apply in the same way (if at all) to the person outside of the marriage (or committed relationship).

Like mentioned earlier, the relationship will end sooner than later.

Assume that there is no future with this woman unless discussed otherwise.

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