Java updating remote database

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So you may fail to apply exactly the same user names, passwords, email addresses, and other credentials from the tutorial.

That way, when the device cannot access the network, the user can still browse that content while they are offline.

These may be update statements such as SQL's CREATE, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE, or they may be query statements such as SELECT.

Going into 2018, here are a few things you should know.JDBC represents statements using one of the following classes: Update statements such as INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE return an update count that indicates how many rows were affected in the database.These statements do not return any other information. The row result set is used to walk over the result set.Individual columns in a row are retrieved either by name or by column number. The row result set has metadata that describes the names of the columns and their types.There is an extension to the basic JDBC API in the methods is used to create a JDBC connection.

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