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Friendly staff and the cruising patio are worth the visit. But let me just suggest that jeans are probably a better option since I got lots and lots of bug bites. The patio is an overgrown backyard with spaces for private or group action.

If you are looking for a place to have a couple of beers and quite a floor show this is it. Best place in town with a good mix of flavors and types. I had this construction worker type sitting next to me who was drinking pitcher after pitcher of beer. Deciding to return the next night the atmosphere was totally different. There's a store on-site for your condoms/lube, etc. This is the place if you want sex without all the hassle of interviews and small talk.

I never stopped giving head since I was lower than pool table. The guys here know what is going on in the backroom at night or outside in a high fenced in area there are some trees with music in the back.

Guys here drop and you will go home without your load!

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The back area has been re-positioned and makes for better sex action, with areas to fuck and suck. I don't make it a habit to visit bars like this often, but after reading these reviews, I figured I'd try it out during my next visit to Orlando. I'm a good looking young guy, and I'm pretty much straight. It wasn't long that he was down on his knees taking my cock deep into his throat. The back bathroom is small, but I got my dick sucked and blew 3 loads over the course of the evening. The back patio seems like it has potential, too, but it was pretty dead because of rain storms. Mixed crowd of men, mainly masculine and hot-hot-hot with very sexy black and Latin guys and beautiful straight-looking white guys.

It is hit or miss as they say, but the occasional hit is well worth the misses.

Daytime during the week I've had the best luck with a larger variety of guys between 4 and 7 pm.

Now keep in mind while reading this, that I went on a Monday afternoon. I just love having my cock sucked regardless of who's mouth is doing it. The sun was shining, I was out in the open sitting on a lounge chair, people were watching, I was sipping on a beer, and I had my head kicked back with my eyes shut fantasizing about a hot blonde with big tits sucking my cock. I am not sure I would be quite as positive as the other reviews. I never saw or sucked so many big cocks in one place at one time.

Certainly the best place in town for action and vibe, but considering what is available elsewhere in the US, out of town guys should not expect too much. The dark room is tiny and cramped but plenty of continuous action.

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