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Christians of viewpoint (young-Earth creationists, old-Earth creationists, and theistic evolutionists) all agree that evolution, in this sense, takes place (sometimes people refer to this as “microevolution”). Ultimately, evolutionists claim that all species on Earth today descend from a single species that lived 3.5 billion years ago. When Christian parents negatively overreact to the mere idea of evolution, they can quickly lose credibility with their kids for not understanding and interacting with the issues more deeply.

Our kids need us to understand what they are learning and how to process it scientifically and scripturally.

It’s also part of the biblical command to reach the lost with the Bible’s Good News.

In a nutshell, it’s a comprehensive outreach tool like no other (see also 2 Corinthians 10:5).

We might not be able to go there in the flesh but this site can penetrate every country on the globe.

The other day, I saw a post on Facebook from a mom who was concerned because her teenage daughter was turning away from God after learning about evolution.

If this is an area you don’t feel confident talking to your kids about, it’s important to get up to speed. There is scientific evidence both consistent and inconsistent with evolutionary theory.

Unfortunately, I have heard far too many Christians trivialize what evolution is in favor of caricatures like those of my youth pastor.This post could easily have been 101 things kids need to understand about evolution, but that would be another book!This is far from comprehensive, but I hope it will get the conversation going. Evolution isn’t necessarily an anti-Christian concept. A lot of Christian parents think of evolution as a dirty word.When I eventually learned about the scientific evidence for evolution as an adult, my life-long faith was initially shaken in a matter of hours.No one had ever told me there was actually extensive scientific evidence that be consistent with evolutionary claims.

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