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He was very cool and he let me start to trade my porn magazines in because he also sold used porn magazines.He was so generous because he knew what I liked and since he didn't sell every magazine every month, he would let me trade 1 magazine in and he gave me 5 or so new ones to pick from.So I started to make a schedule for the ones I was interested in meeting and letting in my house.Actually, I started the next couple days after my ad ran.

I asked them to not be obvious and park around the block just so my neighbors didn’t think nothing was up. She was into fucking younger guys and she told me she couldn't resist what I had!

She looked down at my cock and questions, "There is more!? I thought I was going to be embarrassed with a guy there watching but it was very hot! I always kept a few Polaroids and like one pair of her panties in my bedroom, well hidden under my mattress.

I always found myself smelling and tasting whenever possible. The best was when I would hear her walk to the bathroom across the hall from her bedroom to take a shower from my room.

I was sort of naive and had never heard of a swinger nor did I know what it was all about. Basically, these newspaper like B/W magazines where full of ads from real people locally just looking to hook up for sex and he showed me the different "lifestyles" and he actually was very cool to explain some of the lingo in the ads.

He said, “Man, you should try these and try to hook up with some people to fuck! The way it worked though was you got a mailbox associated with your ad and a box # that corresponded with that mailbox.

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